Roof Inspector

Job Description: Roof Inspector
OBJECTIVE To outline the position, duties and responsibilities within the company.
CREATED or REVISED ON 2017-06-09
Reports to: President of Company
Performance objectives:

  • Ensuring that project objectives are reached to the best of the team’s abilities and supporting the Company’s mission,
    vision and corporate culture and are executed efficiently and effectively. Performance is monitored through time spent
    earning on ongoing jobs, as well as number of jobs brought in through communication and sales efforts.


  • Performs the majority of evaluations on roofing projects, involving photos, detailed reporting of key items requiring deep
    knowledge of terminology and roofing practices.
  • Complete proposals, inspections, evaluations, daily reports, specifications and change orders with the utmost accuracy. Locates
    and compiles the information gathered to format reports for completion and proof copy for President review.
  • When given opportunity, communicate to potential customers to acquire information and details, deliver any advice and guidance
    to their problems and issue a proposal for their project and business.
  • Handle customer needs and wants within the project, answering all questions and concerns to Roof Tech’s full ability in the most
    professional manner possible.
  • Utilize Roof Tech document and organization systems; including agenda tracking, file management, templates and systemized
  • Completes regular tasks via the office computer(s), including but not limited to: accessing e-mail, electronic calendars,
    photocopier, fax machine. Communicates to Roof Tech clients via telephone and the above; sends required information,
    documents and materials.
  • Communicates schedule and travel arrangements with Office Manager.
  • Uses various software applications, intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Office; Outlook, Word and Excel is required. Adobe Acrobat to communicate and prepare documents and reports. Ability to navigate web browser (Google Docs is an asset).
  • Picks up and delivers materials as may be required.
  • Opens, sorts and screens personal company email.
  • Communicates regularly to the President and keeps him informed of any and all information deemed critical to the success of the
    company and ongoing projects.
  • Collaborates with President for technical advice and assistance on ongoing projects.
  • Is comfortable attending evening Strata Meetings or on-site meetings at various locations outside normal business hours to
    answer customer concerns and/or present Roof Tech material. (Business Hours being 8:30am-4:30pm)


  • Salary – based on experience and designations
  • Considerable roofing experience and knowledge is required.
  • Roofing Inspector designation to be achieved
  • Confidentiality guaranteed

updated July 11, 2017